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Proactive, Not Reactive

It's as true in portfolio protection as it is in life: Better results come from anticipating situations and preventing problems, instead of reacting after issues appear. That's why we invest abundant time and resources toward preventive measures to avoid borrower friction — before it ever happens.

Unbundle Yourself and Choose Expertise

State National's approach is unique in the industry. We focus exclusively on portfolio protection and continually invest in proprietary and emerging technology solutions that raise the bar for operational excellence, maximum ease of use, seamless systems and processes, and exceptional client and borrower experience.


State National designed InsurTrak from the ground up to be the best insurance tracking system in the industry — and it's all about easy. It delivers easy insurance tracking, easy claims filing, and easy-to-understand reports — all in one place. It's the only system built specifically for portfolio tracking and protection.

WRAP (Web-Based Automated Processing):

Our AI software robots crawl into insurers’ sites, capturing real-time borrower information and updating InsurTrak in seconds. New loans are run through WRAP, too — which means more insurance information gathered with no borrower contact.


Our one-of-a-kind outbound verification system receives policy information from InsurTrak and automatically routes it to either our AI-powered WRAP bots or to contact center staff, based on carrier. It queues verifications based on due date and time, for maximum efficiency.


Our proprietary Claims Management system automates claims workflows and processing, allowing us to maintain our unbroken record of industry-best turn times for claims payments. That means adding more money, faster, to your financial institution's bottom line.



"InsurTrak is so much better than our previous provider's system for ease of use, greater functionality, and immediate access to information. It's so easy to use that I was able to go in and get everything I needed before even being trained."

Todd Burke
Senior Loan Underwriter, Bay County Financial Services, Pasadena, MD

“Since we began our partnership with State National, we’ve been able to reduce false forced placements by almost two-thirds, which definitely elevates the customer experience.”

Lora Stebleton
Vice President of Payments & Customer Service, Gate City Bank, Fargo, ND

"We found a stark contrast between our previous program versus what we have now with State National. Our old program never really could get it right. We had a lot of pain and noise. After the move to State National it was like night and day. The whole tracking system is better and so much more accurate. From day one, the tracking and automation was just 100% better."

Andy Burggraf
CEO, CommunityWide Federal Credit Union, South Bend, IN

"Between the people, the service, the technology, the product, and the answers we got when we went out into the industry to do reference checks — State National just rose to the top.  I just don’t think anybody else out there can compete with what State National has as far as the product, the technology and innovation, and how many things are automated."

Corey Rupp
Senior VP of Lending, Affinity Plus Credit Union, St. Paul, MN


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