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How artificial intelligence empowers financial institutions to humanize the digital customer experience. 

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Improve service and counteract risk – even in uncertain times.

The age of artificial intelligence is no longer something in the distance; it's already here. As today's coronavirus pandemic causes major disruption to the way consumers behave and businesses operate, leveraging advanced technologies like AI can help retain the "personal touch" your borrowers expect. 

White paper highlights include:
  • What exactly IS artificial intelligence? A practical definition
  • Common AI myths vs. realities
  • How AI can help you manage risk while improving customer experience
  • Questions to ask when considering the ROI of AI

Proactive Technology Investment

Difficult economic times call for more protection from risk, not less. Advanced technologies like AI can optimize the results of risk mitigation strategies. In the best of times, State National made our commitment to technology, AI, and digital delivery a priority because of speed, ease of use, and superior experience and results. Today, those investments allow us to continue our solutions seamlessly in a fully digital environment. In these volatile times where you need protection now more than ever, we are here to help you weather the storm.

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Excerpts From the White Paper

"Whether we notice it or not, AI-powered conveniences are quickly transforming into baseline expectations."

"Knowing where these opportunities lie, and making smart decisions about deploying AI, relies on understanding exactly what AI is, how it applies, and how to utilize it to retain the high-touch human experience people expect."

"While the technology is complex, the goal is simple: use human reasoning as a guide to provide better services or create better products."

"In forward-thinking organizations, AI doesn’t eliminate jobs, it eliminates low-value and/or low-satisfaction tasks."

"AI's ability to process many signals from a credit report and combine it with other relevant data offers huge advantages to institutions of all sizes for reducing risk, expanding access to credit, and lowering interest rates for borrowers." 

"Our own research suggests decision-makers within financial institutions see changes brought on by technology advancement as having the biggest impact on their long-term success compared to other priorities."

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